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8708Re: lowest rear gear

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  • Geoff Cisler
    Apr 3 10:09 AM
      Okay, so here's a bit more information:

      I have the Silver bar end friction shifters from Rivendell, all new cable and housing everywhere and a 80s/90s Suntour XCR (i think?) derailer. I have a 7-speed cassette (not sure the range).

      I have a feeling that it's the cable tension and will try tightening the cable either by the barrel adjuster or by unscrewing and tightening the cable. The LBS (Bikes Not Bombs) thought it might be an xtracycle issues due to the length of the cable. He also thought that the housing between the chainstay brazeon and the Rollamajig was too stright, but replacing what I had with a longer piece of housing did nothing either.

      I'll play around with the tension some more and let y'all know if that helps. I can't make it too tight otherwise it'll never make it down to the highest (small diameter) cog. Based on some of the hilly terrain I'm going on, maybe I'll just give that up to get my granny gear! heh!

      thanks again,
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