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8687Re: [rootsradicals] lowest rear gear

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  • David Chase
    Apr 2, 2009
      Perhaps, one of the outer cable housings is messing you up. If you
      are using the newer style ("JagWire" is one brand) derailer housings
      that is made of a linear arrangement of wires, perhaps one of the ends
      needs a ferrule, otherwise the wires can get pushed out and
      interfere. Or, if it is old-style (like a brake cable) then maybe it
      was clipped in a way that crimped it so it pinches the inner cable.

      Either of these would add lotsa friction.

      Because of the long cable runs, simple grease (if you grease your
      cables) can also slow down your shifts (there are good reasons to
      grease cables in Boston if you ride in the winter).

      Or have these already been considered? (These are problems that have
      actually happened to me or bikes that I have worked on.)

      On 2009-04-02, at 7:39 AM, Geoff Cisler wrote:

      > WOW! in light on the outpouring of response to Abigail about her
      > pedal, here's hoping someone can help me out too. I've asked the LBS
      > about this, and they weren't sure.
      > I just finished my build of my Xtracycle, and everything seems to be
      > working except for getting to the lowest (largest) gear on the rear
      > derailler. I have a 7 speed freewheel, and not sure what brand of
      > derailler, using the Rollamajig to tighten the curve. The problem is
      > not the low gear limit stop screw, since when i shift low, i can
      > manually nudge the derailler to go into the lowest gear. It is also
      > not the derailler spring, and that pulls in in the direction I want
      > it to go. The problem seems to be not being able to get enough
      > tension on the shifting cable (at least that's what the LBS guy
      > thought, and I seem to agree), but I have no idea how to solve it.
      > Any clue if this is the problem?
      > Any clue how to solve it?
      > Thanks in advance for the help!
      > Geoff
      > Boston, MA
      > jpbikresearch.com
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