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8685Re: lowest rear gear

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  • watrout
    Apr 2, 2009
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      --- In rootsradicals@yahoogroups.com, "Geoff Cisler" <gcisler@...> wrote:
      > WOW! in light on the outpouring of response to Abigail about her pedal, here's hoping someone can help me out too. I've asked the LBS about this, and they weren't sure.
      > I just finished my build of my Xtracycle, and everything seems to be working except for getting to the lowest (largest) gear on the rear derailler. I have a 7 speed freewheel, and not sure what brand of derailler, using the Rollamajig to tighten the curve. The problem is not the low gear limit stop screw, since when i shift low, i can manually nudge the derailler to go into the lowest gear. It is also not the derailler spring, and that pulls in in the direction I want it to go. The problem seems to be not being able to get enough tension on the shifting cable (at least that's what the LBS guy thought, and I seem to agree), but I have no idea how to solve it.
      > Any clue if this is the problem?
      > Any clue how to solve it?
      > Thanks in advance for the help!
      > Geoff
      > Boston, MA
      > jpbikresearch.com

      I bought an extra-stiff rear der spring for my X. I actually haven't installed it yet so I can't say how well it works but I found it at a LBS, so they shouldn't be that hard to find. I've also seen (I think here) about people installing a second spring attached to the cage. If cable tension is your problem one of these options might help. Also check your rear der tension adjuster.
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