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8418Re: [rootsradicals] Bicygnals

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  • Andrew Kreps
    Mar 5, 2009
      On Thu, Mar 5, 2009 at 8:35 AM, Travers, Neil
      <Neil.Travers@...> wrote:
      > I think they look awful, but...
      > The USA restriction could be because of "2.4 Ghz WIREFREE INDICTORS" - I
      > don't know what the radio spectrum laws are like in US - is this a
      > license free band?

      I think the 2.4 ghz band is license free. It's what a lot of modern
      cordless phones and Wifi devices use. My best guess is that they're
      either afraid of the liability in the event that the signal doesn't
      have the intended effect, or perhaps there's a potential for patent

      I like the thought of that unit, but I can see that it won't work on
      anything but a set of flat bars. Given that I have a set of 'pleasant
      revolution' cruiser bars, the shape of the unit won't do me any good.

      I've been giving turn signals (and functional brake lights) a lot of
      thought given the amount of street time I spend on my bicycle. My
      current thought is to modify some existing motorcycle technology for
      bicycle use. This makes sense to me since not only am I a motorcycle
      rider, but there are widely available parts in junkyards across the
      world that are ripe for the picking. These parts have been engineered
      and tested, and I also like the design of the switch. It can be
      operated without looking at it.

      I still need to figure out exactly how to mount the units, and, well,
      develop some kind of idea about electrical engineering. :)

      The other thing I've been thinking about is developing a universal
      power pack for my big dummy. I have lights that require 5.5v, 3v and
      14v, a horn that draws 12v, and the motorcycle system would also
      require 12v. If I can just have one battery on the bike to charge
      that runs all of the above, I'd be a very happy camper.
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