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830Re: Ross' Toothpick Kickstand Concept

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  • karpaydiem
    Jan 16, 2007
      --- In rootsradicals@yahoogroups.com, "Tone" <Tone@...> wrote:
      > Bill,
      > Nice adapted retrofit of the motorcycle kickstand. I was
      > thinking of trying to find a similar part for my own Xtracycle. Too bad
      > it sounds like it adds 10-20 pounds to the bike though. :-( Would you
      > say the weight is just a factor involved with the particular kickstand
      > you used or do you think maybe a person could find a lighter "scooter"
      > kickstand or something?
      > Also, nice quick-fix of the bungee cord to replace the
      > kickstand spring. I have also seen a bungee cord connected from a rear
      > derailleur to the rear step in order to increase drive-chain tension
      > since the FreeRadical's chain length is so long.
      > _TONE_

      Hey TONE, Sorry it took a while for me to get back to this thread.

      While my stand is much heavier than that found on most bikes, it's NOT
      10-20 lbs. May saying it weighs as much as a good road bike was just
      my feeble attempt at humor through exaggeration. Probably more like 3,
      just guessing.

      I'm sure if you can locate a motorcycle junk yard in your area, you'll
      be likely to find something that will work for you, although you may
      have to do some modifications, like bending mounting angles to suit.
      The one I found had a 5 gal plastic bucket full of old stands... a
      real treasure trove!

      - Bill
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