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83Re: Howdy from Chicago

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  • Susan
    Feb 7, 2006
      What sort of tripped me into the riding in the rain category was
      getting caught in it a time or two and realizing that, just like
      riding in the cold, it really wasn't miserable (like walking when
      you're cold and wet would be).
      I have a pair of expensive wicking tights from Champaign Surplus
      that really do pull water out, so if I've got those on under sweats
      the rain doesn't get through to the skin. Two layers and then two
      jackets means the same thing applies to the top layer.
      Visibility can be an issue - fortunately I had amber sunglasses the
      one time I got caught in a gullywasher, and it wasn't coming *at* me.
      Let's face it, if it might spawn a tornado, I shouldn't be out in it.
      THose pass in a few minutes, usually.
      So far I haven't ridden in a steady downpour except that once. (I
      haven't had to; the weather likes me. COuldn't be the geography
      causing storms to break up and go around Champaign-Urbana; must be me!)

      --- In rootsradicals@yahoogroups.com, TheJonesgal@... wrote:
      > Howdy from Seattle (area),
      > I too added the down low glow lights and love them. I feel safer
      riding home
      > from work in the dark.
      > Unfortunately, I've been a wimp in our very wet winter and haven't
      > riding much at all. I do most of my riding to work and home again
      when I'm not
      > out for fun.
      > Maybe if you all tell me how you handle the rain - what kind of gear
      > wear - and stuff like that, you'll spur me on!
      > Thanks, Gerry
      > PS the sun came out and I rode my bike today!
      > It's not looking so good for the Sea Hawks! 3 minutes to go, not a
      > picture.
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