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8259Re: [rootsradicals] Xtracycle first thoughts

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  • Rick Pickett
    Feb 10, 2009
      Thanks for the feedback, Andrew!  And everyone, we consider you to be a part of our family, that's what community building is all about.  Please, always shoot questions, improvements, etc.  We're flesh/blood people and having fresh eyes is always appreciated. :D

      Onto the feedback!

      The new Freeloader straps:  I received a 'service bulletin' with the installation instructions that made the issue of the strap not slipping over the chainring bolt sound like a problem.  I actually like having the bags lock to the frame this way.  If it were me, I'd play this up as a benefit.  Mention that they lock underneath the bolt as shipped, but you can make them quick-release by removing the extra plastic. 

      We definitely understand the benefits of "securing" your FreeLoader by keeping the D-ring tab in place.  Will make sure we add that information for people who need as much security for their ride as possible.  We were, and are, of the mindset that tool-less use is helpful, but, sadly, it also is helpful to our theiving brothers and sisters out there. :-/

      Freeloader document pouch: I noticed the Velcro document pouch on the back of the Freeloaders on my second day riding.  I thought for a moment that they would Velcro over the top of the bag to help make it more water-resistant for small loads.  I still wish it would work that way, and I may add some Velcro loops to make this happen.

      This would be very helpful, but then your buckles/straps wouldn't be able to close.  If we moved the flap side buckles down a bit to accommodate the longer flap, that might work.  Will pass this on to our product devo team.  If water is an issue constantly, I'd recommend getting a DryLoader dry bag to carry your stuff.

      The Kickback: The leveler screw-off feet present a bit of a problem.  My first ride with the Kickback took a detour 4 miles from home when the previously hand-tightened foot came loose and flew off the bike.  Luckily, I heard it drop and stopped in time to see where it landed.  A couple of 20 cent lock washers that I added to prevent this should come as standard equipment.

      You may have gotten an earlier instruction sheet.  Taiwan didn't include loctite on the bolts, allowing them to wiggle out without a hard tightening.  Our new literature suggests using loctite and/or vise grips to tighten the feet snuggly.  Will pass on the lock washer detail too.

      Kickback part two: Why are there leveler feet on the Kickback Axle?  They seem superfluous.

      We included an extra pair of feet on the axles because, over time, you will wear down the feet as you engage your KickBack over rough surfaces like concrete/pavement/etc.

      Footsies: These things are just kind of goofy.  They're nice to have if you don't have a Kickback or Wideloaders, but even when installed as intended, they don't lock into the tube or sit very snug.  The incompatibility with other Xtracycle gear is not mentioned on the website's product page.  I'm planning on solving this problem by using some pipe clamps to secure them to the frame.

      Sorry for the confusion over the compatibility of your Footsies.  Thought I had that up on the Footsie page, know the KickBack page has the compatibility warning on the second tab, will try to make that more apparent.  Regarding the WideLoaders, sometimes the obviousness of using the same bridge port for both accessories might tip off that only one can be used at a time.  Will adjust accordingly.

      Overall, I'm very impressed with the quality and versatility of the gear.  I've ridden the bike about 100 miles so far, and I've hauled dozens of pounds of gear and several people.  The most common reaction to riding on the Magic Carpet is incessant giggling.  I've officially become part of the Pleasure Revolution.

      Thanks!  I bet you're into the hundreds of pounds if you've already hauled your friends. :)  Glad to see your every day adventures have kicked into full gear!

      Rick Pickett

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