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8215Re: [rootsradicals] Whatchamacollar problems

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  • Matt Gitchell
    Jan 27, 2009
      I also have a Dummy and two pair of the collars (grumble grumble expensive grumble grumble) but had my shop put them on for me during the course of a tune-up (I'm lazy).
      That being said, they're working GREAT. I used to vibrate my snapdeck off with some regularity, and that has stopped. also, the racks feel much more stable now.


      On Tue, Jan 27, 2009 at 7:41 PM, Tone <tone@...> wrote:

                  I got two pairs of Whatchamacollars for Xmas, and I only got around to installing them yesterday. Unfortunately I encountered a problem. I could not get them on. They fit nice and snug over the V-rack tubing, but when I was trying to get them down over the V-rack receiving posts on my Big Dummy they really did not seem like they wanted to fit.  I did manage to get one down over a post, but that was only after I slightly wedged and separated the gap apart. Even after gently spreading that collar apart and clearing the lip on one of the Big Dummy posts, it still was unexpectedly hard to get the collar into the correct position. While doing so I actually noticed a shaving of Big Dummy paint developing a curl within the gap of the collar. That is when I decided to stop and see if someone else within our community may have encountered a similar dilemma.


                  I did e-mail Xtracycle earlier today, but Lauren said she would direct my inquiry to Mark, and I have yet to hear back from anyone on the matter. Xtracycle has ALWAYS been a terrific company with great support, so I am quite sure I will hear back from them with lots of advice. In the mean time though, I thought I would just post to see if someone out there in our longtail community has any knowledge on the subject.


                  Thanks and ride safe everyone,



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