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819Re: [rootsradicals] Black Ice

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  • David Chase
    Jan 12, 2007
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      > Thanks for the advice everybody. It looks like the Snow Spikers are
      > now called Schwalbe Snow Studs. Would I likely have any problem
      > getting the 26" Snow Studs or the 26" W106's on my Giant brand MTB
      > Xtracycle.
      I think you should have no problem at all, just size them like any
      other tire. So if you can take a 26 x 2.1, you can use a Nokian
      Extreme 294 or WXC 300. According to Peter White's site, a Nokian
      W160 "will fit" a 26 inch mountain bike. Similarly, the W106 "will

      Peter White lists "Snow Studs" and "Ice Spikers" by Schwalbe.

      As I read it, to arrange these tires in order of increasing
      trail-ness, it would be

      Nokian W106
      Nokian W160 (don't confuse the two!)
      Schwalbe Snow Stud (MTB sized, 1.9 inch)
      Nokian WXC 300, Nokian Extreme 294 (big tires, 2.1 inch)
      Schwalbe Ice Spiker (big tires, 2.1 inch)

      I checked my son's bike -- a Giant Sedona -- and it came with
      26 x 2.1 tires. So I think you can do whatever you want, but
      if you are on the road and concerned about black ice, probably
      one of the first three tires.

      There's definitely a cost to getting more studs than you need,
      because the tires are definitely more work to push on a clean
      road. Of course, I also run with the skinniest tires I think
      I can get away with at any given time (e.g., 700c x 28, 120 psi)
      so I am more likely to notice this someone is already on a big
      tire with big treads.

      happy shopping,

      David Chase
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