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817Re: [rootsradicals] Black Ice

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  • Ken Heronheart
    Jan 12, 2007
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      Hello David,

      On Friday, January 12, 2007, 7:04:45 PM, you wrote:

      > If you have a 700c wheel on an XtraCycle, 700c x 35 W106
      > will fit on your rear wheel, BARELY. Your wheel must be
      > round, and if you aren't careful about how you load it,
      > the studs will carve away some of the bottom of your SnapDeck
      > (guess how I know this).

      Thanks for the advice everybody. It looks like the Snow Spikers are
      now called Schwalbe Snow Studs. Would I likely have any problem
      getting the 26" Snow Studs or the 26" W106's on my Giant brand MTB

      Best regards,
      Ken mailto:heronheart@...
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