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813Re: [rootsradicals] Black Ice

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  • Ryano
    Jan 12, 2007
      Get studded bicycle tyres if there is any chance of black ice.  A number of manufacturers make them.  They are not bulky at all.  In fact you can barely even see the studs.  They are very small. 

      Some people get by with just fixing the front tyre with studs, but if there are any hills around your commute, you'd be best with them on front and back.


      On 13/01/07, Ken Heronheart < ken@...> wrote:

      Hello rootsradicals,

      I wiped out on some black ice with my Extracycle today. Anybody out
      there have a recommendation for some winter commuter tires? It's
      basically 5 miles each way on plowed rural roads. I'm currently using
      some knobby MTB tires. I'm especially curious about how the Schwalbe
      Big Apple performs on ice.

      Best regards,
      Ken mailto:ken@...

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