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80Re: Howdy from Chicago

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  • Susan
    Feb 6, 2006
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      I'm determined to recycle cans and win time trials until I've got
      enough for the BLENDER.
      Soon as we can find the batteries for the camera, I'll take a few
      shots :-) Somehow (for a change!) I got missed by the media at the
      Illini Chill, so Central Illinois didn't see the X with the skunk and
      walrus (stuffed) peeking out from the backsides on the 22-mile ride
      through the blustery prairie. The riders did, though... there might be
      a fourth and fifth and sixth X in Champoo-Banana before long..

      --- In rootsradicals@yahoogroups.com, "stephan croisant"
      <scroisant@...> wrote:
      > Hey Roots Radicals!
      > Ive been using my xtracycle for about two years here in Chicago.
      > The perfect winter bike! Ive recently added the "down low glow" light
      > system.
      > It turns alot of heads which is alot better than feeling invisible
      at night!
      > Lately, I've been using it for shopping and commuting. It works
      > But when I get some extra cash I want design a crazy sound system for
      > critical mass,entertaining the locals etc.
      > Ive been really oogling the stokemonkey lately. Man,I want one
      of those!
      > Does any body out there in Rootsradical land have any experience
      with them?
      > I attached a picture of me and my xtra,not sure if I did it right?!?
      > Im new to computers.
      > How do I send a pic to a group?
      > Anybody else have pictures of their machine?
      > -steve in chicago
      > signing out
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