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791Re: [rootsradicals] Re: wide loaders(?)

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  • Devian Gilbert
    Jan 5, 2007

      it was a no brainer, once i relized that they should fold up. the first thought was a lawn chair.
      the hinges?
      ya...it seems that they should be steel. something super strong. and actually i think a design that makes the wide loaders not exactly parallel to the ground.
      this would give the wide loaders a bit of a upward angle which would
      a. encourage the load(s) to slide to the center of the bike.
      b. allow for more clearance when cornering.
      c. allow for wear = bending. being that the "hinge" would be taking a lot of pressure and abuse, it would be inevetable that at some point the wide loaders would start to "droop" which would actually be the hinge starting to wear. so by having the hinge angle the wide loader a bit upward all these points would be addressed.

      ride bikes

      On Friday, January 05, 2007, at 01:33PM, "Kipchoge Spencer" <kipchoge@...> wrote:
      >Hey ian,
      >No drawings, just a couple of prototypes. They are essentially h-racks with
      >machined aluminum hinge that only opens one way, to stop overextension.
      >The thing that hasn't been adequately thought out is how to retain
      >FreeLoader capacity when the WideLoader (w/ sliing) is folded up, simply.
      >Happy new year to all.
      >Kipchoge Spencer
      >29085 Highway 49
      >North San Juan CA 95960
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