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7865Bike helmet that could be converted to a sun hat too

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  • vbbradford
    Dec 9, 2008
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      I have been meaning to reply with this link for you:

      They're helmets with hat slip covers which would you could convert
      into a perfect bike helmet sunhat.


      > I'd like to find a bike helmet combined with a wide-brimmed sun hat.
      > Far-fetched maybe, but I'm super fair-skinned and I need more sun
      > protection than the average bike helmet can offer. So far I've just
      > been wearing my sun hat with chin strap, but I'd like to wear a helmet
      > for protection. Any ideas or recommendations?
      > Warmly,
      > Laura Hamilton
      > Mama to Julian (Feb '04)
      > and Adrian (Jan '07)
      > Life: http://www.viviente.com
      > Work: http://www.theportablebaby.com
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