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7829Re: [rootsradicals] Finally! A bit of silver lining to the coming clouds of collapse...

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  • Carl Ray
    Nov 30, 2008
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      That is awesome just awesome. That is a silver lining. They do have a system of public transportation to fall back on, as does New York. I always vote for Public Transportation funding when I vote to help have something to turn to.


      Answer GM

      Funny, didn't they just ask for a loan? To make more gasoline cars.

      See the movie on DVD, I cried when I saw how GM and others, in this country literally screwed ourselves. We paid for it this Summer with high Gas prices and will pay again thru massive layoffs of folks who just want to work and provide for their families. 


      On Sat, Nov 29, 2008 at 11:44 PM, Rainbow Flight <kitesfun@...> wrote:

      Hi folks
      I found a big silver lining! Brits are being forced out of cars they can't afford....onto the only logical transitional transport system: bikes!
      25 November 2008- The economic downturn in the UK is driving millions of commuters on to their bikes and with that urges Halfords to open 50 more
      BikeHut stores. The national cyclists' association CTC predicts that because of the credit crunch the number of miles cycled in Britain will increase by 40% while the number of commuters cycling to work has increased by 3.3 million since the start of the financial crisis last September.
      More here:  http://www.bike-eu.com/news/3117/financial-crisis-urges-halfords-to-open-more-bike-shops.html
      And look what's happening in NY! Yaaa Hoooo!



      "Our planes and automobiles have made it possible for us to go anywhere and see nothing, but our simpler, slower means of conveyance, our feet and our bicycles and wind-powered boats, still connect us to this earth that is not ours to master, but to treasure."

      Kent Peterson

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