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76Rain Gear ( was Re: [rootsradicals] Howdy from Chicago)

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  • Jeff Youngstrom
    Feb 6, 2006
      Hi Gerry,

      I've arranged my life so that my commute is only about three miles
      each way which helps since I can ride in my work clothes (computer
      geek). I use a beat up old non-cycle-specific Marmot gore-tex shell
      parka. It's got a hood which I *hate* for riding (just gets in the
      way), but it's still water tight and I can't bring my cheap self to
      upgrade yet. For pants I'm using some gore-tex cycling-specific pants
      that I got on clearance from Nashbar or Performance for about $100.
      Worth every penny. I used to use some pants made for hunters that had
      big legs and were a right pain. For feet I'm still in toe clips and
      use my regular shoes to ride. None of them are particularly water
      repellent so I've just been wearing wool socks and changing my shoes
      when I get to work if they get too wet.

      Fenders, of course. Keep meaning to add a mud flap on my front one
      since that spray seems to be the principal way my feet are getting wet
      these days.

      Not sure any of this is going to help you any. Kinda just have to set
      your mind to it and decide not to mind getting a little wet. I like to
      point out to people that they're not water soluble. ;-)

      Wasn't it a beautiful day?

      jeffy in Issaquah, WA
      my blog: http://tomecat.com/madtimes/
      pics of my bike: http://flickr.com/photos/jeffyoungstrom/sets/515126/

      On 2/5/06, TheJonesgal@... <TheJonesgal@...> wrote:
      > Howdy from Seattle (area),
      > I too added the down low glow lights and love them. I feel safer riding home from work in the dark.
      > Unfortunately, I've been a wimp in our very wet winter and haven't been riding much at all. I do most of my riding to work and home again when I'm not out for fun.
      > Maybe if you all tell me how you handle the rain - what kind of gear you wear - and stuff like that, you'll spur me on!
      > Thanks, Gerry
      > PS the sun came out and I rode my bike today!
      > It's not looking so good for the Sea Hawks! 3 minutes to go, not a pretty picture.