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758Re: Surly Xtra-frame (Big Dummy)

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  • karpaydiem
    Dec 16, 2006
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      Yeah, Tone, great minds think alike, or as my Dad used to say, "Two
      minds with but a single thought - a half a thought apiece!"

      I too saw my reinforcement as a splint. Your pipe idea sounds
      stronger; I had thought of that, but went with the easier strip down
      the side in my lazy, minimalist approach. I sure hope it works.

      Maybe we'll inspire Xtracycle to put out a HD version, sort of an

      As to the part of this thread adresssing the cost of the Big Dummy, my
      perspective is the same as when I built up the Instigator frame
      (bought used on eBay) into the Stokemonkey Frankenbike I now ride. And
      that perspective is that this is a car replacement. So my mantra was
      (and is): "It's not a car. Spend the money. It's not a car. Spend the
      money. It's not a car. Spend the money."

      From this viewpoint the projected cost of the Big Dummy frame is much
      less than a year's worth of basic liablity car insurance. Not to
      mention all the hidden costs of car ownership like killing 120 of us a
      day just in accidents and, oh yeah, cooking our only lovely planet.
      $600? Not a bad deal!

      --- In rootsradicals@yahoogroups.com, "Tone" <Tone@...> wrote:
      > Karpaydiem,
      > It is funny you should mention your "patch job" of the
      > FreeRadical today. Oddly enough the night before you wrote your post I
      > spent a little over two hours after work reinforcing my own
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