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735Re: [rootsradicals] Re: Surly Xtra-frame (Big Dummy)

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  • John Speare
    Dec 7, 2006
      On 12/7/06, Tone <Tone@...> wrote:
      > John,
      ... Obviously just getting an Xtracycle
      > to hook up to a bike a person already has makes complete sense, but at
      > some point when a person uses a bike as much as I do and also utilizes
      > it much of the time in a cargo bike capacity it just makes sense to have
      > a single-frame Xtracycle specifically designed for the task.

      ...> What it comes down to is if someone already has a trusted bike
      > and wants to check out what it is like to have cargo bike options, then
      > sure they should just get a FreeRadical extension. However if someone
      > already is sure they want a cargo bike, particularly as a replacement to
      > a previous Xtracycle-equipped bike, then in my opinion they should
      > naturally decide to go with a single-frame cargo bike designed
      > specifically for the task.

      What you say here is making some sense. Especially if you're using the
      bike as you are. I use my xtracycle agbout twice a week for groceries
      and in teh summer for camping trips with my 4 y.o. daughter. I can't
      imagine killing it like you've been killing yours.

      A couple thoughts come to mind though:
      -- sound like you are compensating for the design on the FreeRadical--
      given it's failure/fatigue at the dropouts. the FreeRadical is
      aluminum, no? If there were a steel/heavy duty version of the
      FreeRadical with cast/forge steel dropouts that weighed a bit more and
      cost a bit more, would you get that instead? Are there ot6her
      advantages to a single frame aside from working around the failures of
      the FreeRadical drop outs?
      -- you are the 5% that kills the FreeRadical. Americans tend to buy
      for the 5%. The SUV thing: "I may need that 4WD at some point, I
      better get the 4WD for that 5% of the time I may need it. I'll pay
      extra for the 95% of the time I don't need it and I'll pay a lot for
      that." The Big Dummy strikes me as a 5% case purchase for most. That's
      just my impression given the limited benefits it offers the 95%-case

      >At the moment I have an Xtracycle set up as a single-speed
      freewheel using a Surly Singleator. I think it might be nice if Surly
      produced two versions of the eventual Big Dummy, one with horizontal
      drop-outs and one with vertical.

      I'm sure you're aware of the white industries ENO hub. It is a fine
      (if not pricey) piece of hardware. For $165 you can care less what
      kind of dropouts are on a bike.

      John Speare
      Spokane, WA USA
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