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728Re: [rootsradicals] Surly Xtra-frame

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  • john fracisco
    Dec 7, 2006

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      On 12/6/06, A.R. <Tone@...> wrote:

      I forgot the exact name Surly has nicknamed their upcoming
      Xtracycle compatible long-tail single-frame, but I heard some news
      about it today at my bike shop. I brought it up with two of the shop
      managers and they said they had a Surly catalog with info about it.
      It had some specs and a diagram involving the frame sizing etc.
      I mentioned I had heard the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail
      Price (MSRP)was going to be something like $600 for just the frame
      and fork and it would be out some time in the summer of 2007. I
      believe I remember hearing this through this RootsRadical e-mail
      group or perhaps the Xtracycle forums, shortly after the Las Vega
      Interbike show.
      Perhaps I was a little wrong about what I had heard because the
      guys at the shop thought the $600 price tag was a really good deal,
      maybe even a little too good. They also were surprised to hear of
      the late availability date considering they had already been sent a
      catalog with specs in it, etc. Either way they decided to call Surly
      right then and there to find out what the deal was.
      From what they were told the MSRP will actually be more like
      $820 for just the frame and fork, which surprised me a bit. The
      Surly representative did say the long-tail frame would be available
      in June of 2007.
      However the rep also stated there are still a number of final
      issues being resolved in the geometry of the rear triangle or
      something to that effect. Apparently the long-tail frame revealed at
      the Las Vegas Interbike was just a proto-type as an example and the
      final geometry of the retail version most likely will be different.
      After mentioning that, the guys at the shop seemed doubtful of
      the release date, figuring at this point if geometry design issues
      are still being hashed out, then a final retail version would take
      longer to be distributed than June 2007.
      Basically I was not too thrilled about the news of a potential
      single-frame Xtracycle. :( Has anyone else heard anything else?

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