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7226Re: [rootsradicals] OT:MealPack

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  • JJ Ark
    Oct 2 8:43 AM
      Yeah, I didn't wanna say anything, but I know how you feel. To top it off, Soy makes me fall asleep. As in: boom, I am asleep. Never figured out what that was about.

      Try making some home-made granola. Cheap, very very easy, and provides EXCELLENT energy for the long rides.

      Nuts, dried fruit, some honey, oats. Its what we bring along. I think we use this recipe:

      and it works out very very well. 

      We tend to buy our stuff for this at Trader Joes cuz we they have a great list of foods that do not contain gluten. 

      The other thing we try to do is bring along a few apples, some cheese and  some nuts. Put it in the freebie insulated lunch sacks that come with coolers or at events. If the apple is cold as well as the cheese, both will stay chilled for hours. Its small, relatively light, and fits in either the panniers of the shortbikes or it stows VERY easily in the longbike. Use your knife from your repair kit (I also carry my leatherman.) 

      I am rigging a tiny basket for the front of my bike that I will be using to hold a cup of coffee and a small tupperware of nuts. I need to get going on that project before it gets too cold -- nothing like a nice cuppa joe to warm your fingers on the morning ride.

      who isn't a celiac, but is married to one and is the father of two.

      On Oct 2, 2008, at 4:47 AM, j.a. tackett wrote:

      be thankful you are not celiac...... .....wheat, barley and rye are in everything out there......
      i also have to stay away from cows milk and cheese...... ....so planning to take for food on trips takes a bit of planning ............ .....

      --- On Wed, 10/1/08, Dane Buson <Zuvembi@unixbigots. org> wrote:
      From: Dane Buson <Zuvembi@unixbigots. org>
      Subject: Re: [rootsradicals] OT:MealPack
      To: "rootsradicals rootsradicals" <rootsradicals@ yahoogroups. com>
      Date: Wednesday, October 1, 2008, 11:17 AM

      On Sep 30, Devian Gilbert tripped the electrons lexically so:

      > today a buddy shared part of his food bar
      > http://www.mealpack .com/
      > its awesome!  and not too expensive.
      > my last trip, i was eating snickers bars.
      > a 48pk at Smart & Final is about $22
      > 280cal each bar... (but of course its candy)
      > seems like the Meal Pack is better nutrition, and not too terribly expensiv e.

      I went and looked at the site, and it looked interesting. Until I
      noticed that the first or second ingredient for every one was milk.
      Since I'm a Lactard, I'll just have to stick with Clif bars or
      PBJ/bananas/ etc.


      Dane Buson - Buson@unixbigots. org
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      JJ Ark

      "We used to say if a frog had side pockets, he'd carry a handgun." - Dan Rather, Election Night, 2004

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