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7214Re: [rootsradicals] Re: gas shortages in SE USA

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  • MH
    Oct 2, 2008
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      I was just thinking there maybe one less car on my part but I'll have
      six bicycles. Still at 35 pounds apiece they weigh less than a
      motorbike I think. That must be my alter ego working. I'll still
      be putting carbon in the air via Grayhound bus travel two or three
      times a year and some city bus commutes. -Mark H.

      Mark Garvey wrote:
      > I went to the gas station today because I have been riding my motorcycle
      > more than my bike lately. My motorcycle took 1.6 gallons of gas, and I had
      > driven it 175 miles more or less in the last two weeks. (the bike only
      > about 50 miles....sigh...)

      >MH wrote:
      >> As for the gas shortage thing I know I'm luckier then most but
      >> I've reduced my gasoline costs to $25 or less a month. I'm doing
      >> my best to get to one less car status. -Mark H.
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