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7211Re: [rootsradicals] Re: gas shortages in SE USA

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  • MH
    Oct 1, 2008
      I use to ride my motorcycles a LOT but the last time I broke
      my collarbone in 92' I gave it up. I bruised a few ribs on my
      MTB but no injury's on my recumbents. Living in a small city would
      eliminate my need to own internal combustion engine devices and
      leave it to others to operate. One place I looked at has got a
      lovely city block park across the street from the eight floor
      apartment complex with outdoor bicycle parking in back. Right now
      I'm putting on less than 200 miles a month at 44 mpg. Not as good
      as your motorbike but I suppose you can carry four bags of groceries
      home on yours. One on either side of the backrest and one in each
      saddlebag. Thats pretty darn nice. I'd like my S.U.B to carry
      home canned goods by the case loads and stimulate some interest in
      my community with those cool looking bikes you all ride. -Mark H.

      I wonder how Anne Littlebird is doing? She must be pretty
      busy with her music and work. Anne are you there?

      Mark Garvey wrote:
      > I went to the gas station today because I have been riding my motorcycle
      > more than my bike lately. My motorcycle took 1.6 gallons of gas, and I had
      > driven it 175 miles more or less in the last two weeks. (the bike only
      > about 50 miles....sigh...)
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