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72Howdy from Chicago

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  • stephan croisant
    Feb 4, 2006
      Hey Roots Radicals!
      Ive been using my xtracycle for about two years here in Chicago.
      The perfect winter bike! Ive recently added the "down low glow" light
      It turns alot of heads which is alot better than feeling invisible at night!

      Lately, I've been using it for shopping and commuting. It works great!
      But when I get some extra cash I want design a crazy sound system for
      critical mass,entertaining the locals etc.

      Ive been really oogling the stokemonkey lately. Man,I want one of those!
      Does any body out there in Rootsradical land have any experience with them?

      I attached a picture of me and my xtra,not sure if I did it right?!?
      Im new to computers.
      How do I send a pic to a group?

      Anybody else have pictures of their machine?

      -steve in chicago
      signing out

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