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7181Anyone ever tried putting an Xtracycle on a full suspension bike?

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  • jfarlette
    Oct 1, 2008
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      My cargo bike got stolen about a month ago and I have yet to replace
      it. I am having a hard time finding a good used replacement hard tail
      locally. However I have an old full suspension mountain bike that I
      have been trying to sell as I don't ride it enough anymore. However
      it seems there is not much of a market for old full suspensions unless
      you are willing to give them away.

      So I am wondering if I could mount the X to it? It's a late 90s URT
      design - specifically a Rocky Mountain Speed. Here is a photo

      Would it work? I am not an engineer and can't wrap my head around the
      physics to say for sure if it would or would not without trying it.
      Obviously I would need to either up the pre-load on the front fork or
      put heavier springs in. But what about the back shock - would it just
      sag like a wet noodle? Seems to me as the rider is moved forward
      which takes weight off the rear wheel and most of the cargo weight is
      centered pretty well over the back wheel it should be ok. Thoughts?