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  • Susan
    Feb 3, 2006
      So, I HAVE my bicycle with its new prosthesis, and an elegant
      prosthesis it is.
      Scot has lovingly installed it and its test drive was the bike shop
      food run, so it already knows from bringing food to the masses!
      That was Wednesday, this is Friday and it's RAINING. The cycling
      lifestylist, though, does not resort to toxic emissions at the sight
      of raindrops, especially when she is the Weather Goddess. As usual,
      the rain kept itself at bay during my commute in, save a sprinkle or
      two, but it simply had to storm while I was inside. Radar indicates
      that it will be cooperative and abated by the time I leave.
      In the meantime, I've retrieved it from the bike rack and brought
      it into the computer lab. Which are the parts that I need to make
      sure I find and dry off? I know what they're called 'cause I haven't
      lost the moaners annual yet, but I don't know wehre they are.
      My first trip home Wednesday, I was in the right hand left-turn
      lane (there are two) exiting campus, with four cars in the left left
      lane... and a car came up behind me at the light, stopped, and threw
      himself into reverse, backed up and got into the other lane. Respect,
      I'm tellin' ya!
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