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6822Re: [rootsradicals] Safety of cars vs bikes, was Re: Interested in snapdeck kid seats?

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  • Jeff Snavely
    Sep 15, 2008
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      The general public derives their sense of risk from the news media and "common sense".

      Unfortunately, neither is a reliable source of information.

      On Mon, Sep 15, 2008 at 8:08 AM, Mighk Wilson <mwilson@...> wrote:

      Cara wrote:
      >> A lot of this gets back to Ken Kifer's (I think it was him) comment
      about cars being dangerous and bikes (and pedestrians) being vulnerable.

      Many people tell me they will not ride their bikes because it is

      I've found that many (most?) people do not understand the difference
      between "dangerous," "vulnerable" and "risk."

      While cyclists are indeed quite vulnerable, the risk of being harmed
      while cycling is quite low if the cyclist rides competently, maintains
      his/her machine properly, and obeys the rules of the road.

      I find myself getting less and less impressed with the intelligence of
      my fellow Americans as the years go by. They know far more about
      Britney Spears than about things that matter.


      "It's not getting any smarter out there. You have to come to terms with
      stupidity, and make it work for you."
      -- Frank Zappa

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