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6579[rootsradicals] Re: kwikfile's flicker page!

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  • MH
    Sep 5, 2008
      MH wrote:
      > "Now that global warming is a reality the local newspaper doesn't
      >> laugh about my place so much. :-)"

      kwikfile08 wrote:
      > Too bad Sarah doesn't believe that there is any Global Warming...
      > When she has to push back the water, like she ridiculed Obama for last
      > night, maybe then folks won't laugh anymore.
      > Let's just drill the heck out of Alaska and off-shore and
      > pretend to support Wind,Solar and other energy sources.

      I feel the Republican leadership is not in touch with reality.
      They like to be mean spirited whiners which I find depressing.
      After nearly 30 years of republican leadership their trickle
      down economic plan isn't working. Most Americans are working
      harder for less and falling behind or struggling to keep up
      with inflation while the wealthy grow richer in magnitude.
      It seems to me the wealthy are not willing to share with others.
      Republicans are deeply offended that anyone would increase
      taxes on the weathy. What are democrats thinking by increasing
      taxation on the very rich while reducing taxes for the lower
      and middle class citizens. Is that the kind of change most
      Americans want - taking from the rich to help the rest of us?
      Good grief, what are the Democrats thinking? Americans need help
      but I don't see it coming from the right wing. The same goes for
      global warming and a energy policy that gets us out of this downward
      spiral. I want leadership that will give us a clean, renewable and
      sustainable energy plan like the Democratic ticket has. More solar,
      geothermal and wind energy rather then "Drill baby drill". -Mark H.
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