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6568[rootsradicals] Re: kwikfile's flicker page!

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  • MH
    Sep 4, 2008
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      No, I don't live in Hawaii. Can't afford it. I wouldn't mind
      visiting the Caribbean islands with a small sailboat called,
      Paradox http://www.microcruising.com

      I live on the 45th parallel near Eau Claire, WI USA.

      When I painted trailer house back in 1994 the right wing thought
      it was funny but liked the looks of it in there neighborhood.
      Now that global warming is a reality the local newspaper doesn't
      laugh about my place so much. :-)

      What do you mean by the "Note Feature"? -Mark H.

      kwikfile08 wrote:
      > Dude - Heck I do not know? I just threw them up there. I like it
      > because of the "Note Feature" it is fun. That guy is yours truly :)
      > Great Picaso pics are you in Hawaii?
      > Lucky!
      > (In my Napolean Dynamite voice)
      > namaste'
      > Carl
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