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6537Re: Interested in snapdeck kid seats?

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  • tytanup
    Sep 2, 2008
      I don't know if I'd pay #350 or not, I haven't even jumped on the
      Burley Piccolo yet, and that is a similar price point. But I'm really
      cheap, or -frugal-. Did you say that $350 was for a dual seat setup?
      Would you consider either a kit to be assembled by the consumer, or a
      complete set of diagrams and instructions with templates for the wood
      cutting? Could be cheaper and easier to transmit electronically.
      Obviously, would also be easier for some miscreant to distribute w/out
      providing you any income, which is a downside.

      Just a couple of thoughts. I really like your setup. I would be
      curious of the cost difference in materials for the marine plywood
      versus solid plastic lumber, you know that stuff made of recycled
      plastic that people are using for deck material. I'm not talking
      about trex or any other composite, I'm talking about 100% plastic
      formed into common lumber dimensions. The 100% plastic material is
      somewhat heavier, but it never rots or delaminates, or splinters or
      checks or anything else. Would be great for a Snapdeck too in that
      regard. Just depends on your affinity for the weight. I don't think
      you can paint it either, so colors would be whatever you could get
      from the manufacturer.
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