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  • Jake Wilson
    Sep 1, 2008
      --- In rootsradicals@yahoogroups.com, David Chase <dr2chase@...>
      > On 2008-09-01, at 11:38 AM, Mark Garvey wrote:
      > > The only difference that I can see is that cable discs use
      > > bike brake cables. hydraulics have hoses and special oil.
      > Is it indeed special oil? I would normally expect it to be DOT 3,
      > or 5.
      > The other difference, besides standardization (or not) is that
      > can actually freeze in the winter when they get water inside them --

      > this happened to me, and a friend/colleague had it happen to his
      > derailer. It's not a hard fix, but it was surprising and annoying
      > first time it happened.
      > David

      ~~~I haven't read all the replies on this discussion but I did see
      where Vik mentioned hydraulic disc systems overheating, then David
      here mentions cables freezing. If it's not one thing it's another=:-
      ) but just goes to show you that extremes in temperature can
      negatively impact both

      I've never used hydraulic brakes on a bicycle. I have several bikes
      (one bike and one trike actually) with cable disc brakes. I've never
      felt the need for more braking power when using the cable disc and
      that's supposed to be one of the advantages of the fluid disc brake
      over the cable (more braking power). heck, as far as that goes, I've
      endoed V (rim) brake MTB's hastily ap[plying the front V brake in the
      past but the original poster wants opinions on a good brake system
      for a cargo bike

      I still like cable disc brakes and would use them myself for a BD
      build, before fitting hyd disc brakes but that's me, and I live in a
      relatively flat area and one that is also not prone to freezing
      weather but if frozen cables are a concern for him, what better
      reason is there to do preventive winter maint, and all cable bikes
      need a good water dispersal lube before winter strikes. I'm sure few
      bicyclists do that, including the ones that ride year round in the
      frozen stuff. Reminds me of my poor winter maint when I drove cages
      in the winter in and around Detroit pre-1985 (before I moved south
      permanently). i do remember frozen door locks and fuel line freeze
      up on occasion. okay, we were talking about bicycles=:-)...sorry, I

      My vote is for cable actuated disc brakes, Avid BB7 in particular

      Reddick Fla.
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