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6525Re: [rootsradicals] Rohloff

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  • David Chase
    Sep 1, 2008
      On 2008-09-01, at 1:57 PM, MH wrote:
      > > The other difference, besides standardization (or not) is that
      > cables
      > > can actually freeze in the winter when they get water inside them --
      > > this happened to me, and a friend/colleague had it happen to his
      > > derailer. It's not a hard fix, but it was surprising and annoying
      > the
      > > first time it happened.
      > I've been riding my cycle cable activated brakes &
      > dérailleurs during the past 9 winters here in Wisconsin.
      > Once I threw some hot water on them. What do you do?
      I popped the end of the cable loose (from one of the frame stops),
      wrestled it off the cable where it was frozen (twisting helps lots)
      till the icy inner cable was exposed, and cracked/wiped it off. To
      prevent it, now, I try to keep water out of the lower end, which is
      where I think it got in.

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