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6523Re: [rootsradicals] Rohloff

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  • MH
    Sep 1, 2008
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      > Mark Garvey wrote:
      >> The only difference that I can see is that cable discs use standard
      >> bike brake cables. hydraulics have hoses and special oil.

      David Chase wrote:
      > Is it indeed special oil? I would normally expect it to be DOT 3, 4,
      > or 5.
      > The other difference, besides standardization (or not) is that cables
      > can actually freeze in the winter when they get water inside them --
      > this happened to me, and a friend/colleague had it happen to his
      > derailer. It's not a hard fix, but it was surprising and annoying the
      > first time it happened.

      I've been riding my cycle cable activated brakes &
      dérailleurs during the past 9 winters here in Wisconsin.
      Once I threw some hot water on them. What do you do?

      I imagine Avid BB-5 cable disc brakes would probably be great but
      I have some Avid BB-7 cable disc brakes for the past year and half.
      They're a far cry better than my rim brakes to the point of being
      almost dangerous. Once I applied to much pressure to the front
      disc brake at 2-3 mph and did a endo. No one was around to
      appreciate the humorous comedy of errors but me. -Mark H.
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