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650Re: [rootsradicals] Mechanical Disk Brakes

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  • David Chase
    Oct 6, 2006
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      On 2006-10-06, at 9:02 PM, Ryano wrote:

      > Very beautifully done, but why on earth would you do this when you
      > can buy studded bicycle tyres ... ?
      Because I could pick up 12-gauge jack chain at the local hardware
      store? In the US, studded tires for bikes seem to be a bit of a

      I came to pretty much the same conclusion that you did (but I used
      science! I ran the experiment, and got negative results), and plan to
      get a 700c x 35 studded from Peter White. If that fits the rear,
      then I buy another, else I just run with one in front. It'll be a
      tight fit in the rear, and carbide studs would be detrimental to
      anything they rubbed against.

      I gather that for really thick snow, the chains might prove
      worthwhile, but I am much more likely to ride in the conditions you

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