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648Re: [rootsradicals] Mechanical Disk Brakes

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  • David Chase
    Oct 6, 2006
      Following up my remark about snow chains, I decided to try a test fit
      and test drive, since I had to take the wheel off anyhow for a broken


      You'll notice I had all the fabric off, because I figured I could do
      a lot of damage if these came loose. I fit them by deflating the
      tire, making them snug, and then inflating the tire. The tire was a
      700c x 28, rated 120psi, reinflated to 80. If I could run a bigger
      wheel, I would, but I am down to about 1/8 inch. It did clear the
      fender, after careful fender fiddling.

      The short answer is yes, they do stay on, and they're ok on a lawn (I
      might check the lawn to see what it thinks). On dry pavement,
      strange, yet unpleasant. At low speeds you get shaking, at higher
      speeds it is a strong vibration, to the point that you need to be
      careful how you hold your teeth. Braking, unsurprisingly, was pretty
      easy to lock up. I suspect that these would make sparks from time to

      So -- I might try these on the snow, but keep them off roads that
      have anything like pavement. Fitting them is also a hassle, since it
      requires tire off, deflation, fiddling, and inflation. I would not
      use them in front, because I fear the handling would be terrible, and
      I have enough clearance for several different studded Nokians. The
      Nokian A10s (http://www.suomityres.fi/a10.html) would fit in the
      rear, but are apparently not available in the US.

      This suggests that the ability to put snow chains on a tire with disk
      brakes is not that big a win; you could, but would you do it twice?

      If you are tempted to repeat my experiment, I used these instructions
      (http://www.rpi.edu/dept/union/juggling/public/uni/unichains.html) to
      build the chains. The only difference is that instead of attaching
      clips, I actually opened and closed the links to fasten the chains (I
      really don't want these coming off by accident, and I have plenty of
      spare links).

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