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634RE: [rootsradicals] Mechanical Disk Brakes

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  • Mike Leger
    Oct 5, 2006
      I'm running a Shimano basic mechanical in front and a hydraulic(al?) in back on a Stokemonkey. I originally had a mechanical in back, but spent so much time keeping it in adjustment, that I decided to buy an (Avid Juicy) hydraulic and never looked back. Much better feel with the hydraulic, and absolutely no hassles with keeping it adjusted. Maybe this is just because the shimano mechanical is a cheaper model? The hydraulic pads seem to last a bit longer though. I was not aware of the wear factor with disk brake pads when I went to disks. The LBS let me know that I was getting an exceptional amount of mileage when I replaced the pads at 2,000 miles. That was a shock.
      When finances allow, I will probably put a hydraulic in front.

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      Has there been any discussion comparing mechaincal disk brakes to
      hydraulic disk brakes? I am getting ready to go with disks and am
      wondering which one I should go with. Mechanicals are quite a bit
      cheaper and will work with my current levers but do they have the
      stopping power of a hydraulic? I am planning on adding a Stokemonkey
      and carrying my wife around on the back so I need a good set of brakes.


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