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61Re: [rootsradicals] can you give test rides in your town?

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  • Andrew Janjigian
    Jan 13, 2006

      This is a great idea. I can offer rides to anyone in the Boston/Cambridge area, with one caveat:  My Xtracycle is also a Stokemonkey, so it would be a double sales pitch. 

      On Jan 12, 2006, at 2:40 AM, kipchogenotkip wrote:

      hey roots,

      We just launched a beta version of our new site. A new feature gives
      the site surfer the opportunity to contact a local Xtracycle
      enthusiast for a test ride. That means you! But you're not
      automatically signed up just by virtue of your rootness.

      To participate, just go to the roots radicals group and enter yourself
      and your contact info into the database:

      I was just in New York and I got forwarded a call from HQ from a
      potential customer in Jersey. He came to the city for a test ride, and
      root dave Z met him at the door. Potential customer made plans to buy
      a FreeRadical two days later. It makes such a difference when an
      interested rider can connect with a breathing, excited user.

      I also have a vision of this being a more general way for Xtracycle
      riders to find/help eachother. Read about it in the blog:

      Sign up now to be a root tester in your town!

      Please write into this list with any thoughts you have on any of this
      since we're just getting it off the ground.

      Hope you all have a bountiful new year.


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      ride to believe.


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