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609Re: [rootsradicals] New Surly frame

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  • Christopher Palmer
    Oct 3, 2006
      At 05:37 AM 10/3/2006, you wrote:
      >my guess is Surly probably licensed or obtained permission to create their
      >frame, with the idea of Xtracycle providing the marketed fitted components
      >like the snap deck, footsies, etc. Otherwise wouldn't there be legal
      >issues for Surly, since they already revealed the "Big Dummy" with
      >Xtracycle's components?

      I saw the Big Dummy at Interbike last week, and since Kipchoge was standing
      there, and the guy at Surly introduced me to him, I'd say the project is on
      the up-and-up. BTW - the bike is GORGEOUS!!! I have lots of pix of it,
      but I don't know if it's kosher to post a link here or not. If someone in
      power gives the go ahead I'll post a link.

      > Anyway, with this in mind, my concern with a single frame full-bike
      > version is whether the frame, Surly's or otherwise, would still have that
      > particular weak spot.

      Looking at the prototype it was clear that Surly knows what they are doing
      (no big surpise)

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