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607[rootsradicals] New Surly frame

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  • Tone
    Oct 3, 2006
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                  It seems that everyone is pretty much speculating about Surly’s “Big Dummy” frame and if Xtracycle will be building their own single frame bike version. From the photos I have seen of the “Big Dummy,” my guess is Surly probably licensed or obtained permission to create their frame, with the idea of Xtracycle providing the marketed fitted components like the snap deck, footsies, etc. Otherwise wouldn’t there be legal issues for Surly, since they already revealed the “Big Dummy” with Xtracycle’s components?


                  I have one major concern with the idea of a single frame long-tail bike. Since I have owned an Xtracycle over three or four years ago, I am already on my THIRD FreeRadical frame. My two previous FreeRadical frames developed cracks just behind the dropouts, which is the weakest part of the FreeRadical. Keep in mind I work as a messenger in NYC and I may very well carry heavier loads on a more frequents basis than the average Xtracycle user. Of course the guys at Xtracycle were super about everything and replaced the frames for free both times. I just paid shipping for the old frame back to them.

                  Anyway, with this in mind, my concern with a single frame full-bike version is whether the frame, Surly’s or otherwise, would still have that particular weak spot. It is one thing to have a FreeRadical frame break on you and just have to replace the FreeRadical, but imagine the incredible hassle and probably cost of having to replace an entire long-tail bike! While the FreeRadical fame is in the shop or being shipped back, etc… you can at least still ride your bike around, but that would not be the case with a full single-frame long-tail bike.



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