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606Re: Serial no.

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  • Ian Hopper
    Oct 2, 2006
      My serial number is on the kickstand bridge: I bought my FreeRadical
      kit in December of 2005, so xtracycle may have changed where they
      place the serial number. When I was talking to Laughter (who works
      for Xtracycle) about how her Xtracycle got stolen, she didn't even
      remember there BEING a serial number on hers, but hers was much older
      as well.

      Those of you who've seen the Surly "BIG DUMMY" photos taken at
      Interbike know that the LongTail movement is gathering steam; I
      remember there being some mention by Kipchoge that Xtracycle
      themselves might be offering a dedicated longtail frame but that it
      was in prototype: is the Big Dummy a collaboration with Surly so that
      Xtracycle doesn't have to make their own? Though I don't own a Surly,
      the feedback seems to be nearly universally positive, so a
      partnership seems like a logical choice, but maybe that's just
      wishful thinking? Maybe Xtracycle would build it differently?

      For now I'll be continuing to ride my bolt-together version, but
      eventually I want a purpose built longtail... the idea of no flex
      between frames and a solid steel platform makes me feel all squishy
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