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6010Re: [rootsradicals] Re: Snapdeck Kidseat pics

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  • Dave Lloyd
    Aug 8, 2008
      On Fri, Aug 8, 2008 at 2:36 PM, stoutag <thestouts@...> wrote:
      > I took measurements from a number of different strollers and accounted
      > for the rough age range I wanted this to work for, and how those
      > strollers are known to work for varying ages.
      > Consequently off the top of my head, I believe the dimensions worked
      > something like this.
      > Interior seat width ~11-11.5"
      > Interior seat back to where legs bend approximately 10"
      > Seat back height ~19" at the highest point
      > I think total length was something like 28-29" if I remember correctly.
      > After having used it for a month I don't think there's anythink I'd
      > really change as far as form factor goes. Currently I run the bigger
      > kid in the back, but once he has the maturity to consistantly keep his
      > feet on a set of bar ends and out of my pedal path, I'll scoot the
      > whole thing back about 2.5-3" and have him ride up front with bar ends
      > for foot rests.
      > Those dimensions were also intended to provide some room for the pads
      > we made which are 1" of open cell foam with 1/4" of close cell foam on
      > the bottom pads, and just the 1" thick open cell on the seat back.
      > I would in retrospect probably change the contour of the side panels
      > on the front seat to match the rear partially for asthetics and
      > partially to make it easier for front kiddo to splay legs if need be.
      > Hopefully that helps.

      This helps lots!

      It looks like the base is slightly wider at the seats, too. I'm
      guessing that the narrow area is the normal snapdeck width and the
      seat is cantilevered out wider than the snapdeck is. Is this correct?
      Anyone have the dimensions of the width of a snapdeck?

      I've got the straps left over from a Britax Marathon car seat (not in
      an accident, the base just got cracked due to the Samsonite gorillas
      so we replaced it with a spare from my sister in law), so I'll use
      those or fabricate something that looks like the harness in our old
      Trek (rebranded Chariot) trailer.

      > Someplace we did some plan drawings with dimensions with the intent of
      > taking a picture and posting for others to use. Perhaps I'll actually
      > dig those out after we get back from our trip and post them.

      Ooo, that would be very helpful!

      In fact, if you put the plans up for purchase as something like a PDF,
      I'd buy 'em . I'm sure that others would, too.

      I've been thinking about someone manufacturing this product and what
      keeps circling around in my head is "product liability."
      Unfortunately, someone might buy a product like this, use it
      improperly (or through no fault of their own have a child using this
      product be injured by a motorist) have a child injured. Normally sane
      people who don't believe in frivolous litigation sue over their kids.
      It's just the way folks are with their people. I could see one
      incident like that being the end of a manufacturer of this product.

      Anyway, selling the plans may well remove a large portion of the
      liability and yet allow the more handy, or those who can find someone
      who will fabricate this for them, to take advantage of an obviously
      superior kid transport solution for the Xtracycle.

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