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5961Re: [rootsradicals] Re: Cheating?

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  • phaedrus
    Aug 7, 2008
      > So the decision is either to say no to the gig or really cheat and rent
      > a car. I'd try to borrow one but I'd get huge amounts of 'I told you so'
      > from the people who have been waiting for me to admit I need a car. The
      > 'best friends' that have tried to undermine what I've been doing since
      > September.

      I hope you can take the gig.

      Renting a car seems a reasonable way to go. In going car free, I've
      always mentally allocated a certain portion of what I'm saving to
      cover bus tickets, taxis and car rentals to gap-fill those few
      occasions when our transit infrastructure isn't up to snuff and the
      bike isn't the right answer to the situation. I still end up way way
      ahead financially and from an energy conservation standpoint.

      My fiancé has gone fairly car light but is reluctant to give it up
      completely, partially because rather than renting from and supporting
      chains, there are a number of us who occasionally rent the car from
      her. It makes her feel good to support a small group of people's
      ability to be car free in a car centric culture and it helps the rest
      of us out in those few situations where it really helps.

      For example, one friend (the veg I spoke of earlier) had to get to a
      funeral in Indiana on short notice (and in the middle of a demanding
      work schedule which made it prudent to minimize the amount of time he
      took off), so he rented the car from her at a fair price and was able
      to do what he needed to do.

      If you're concerned about your friends giving you a hard time, perhaps
      offering it as a fairly straightforward "business proposition" may

      "I'm going to rent a car for this gig. I can give the money to XXX
      company, or, if you'd like to rent me your car, I can give it to you."

      Another option, if you have it in your region, is zip-car or hour-car
      or one of those programs that facilitate community car sharing.

      Or, if the gig pays well enough, maybe it can help cover purchasing an
      e-assist for your X. It certainly sounds like a good use for one.
      You'd still be well over an hour for your ride, but would the
      combination of higher speed and lower stress on your body in the heat
      make it a workable solution?

      Just some random thoughts, hopefully one of them helps - either
      directly or by sparking another idea.

      Oh hey, if you get to a gig on bike, are the miles still
      tax-deductible against money earned at the gig?

      As far as "undermining friends", I suspect it has something to do with
      a slight feeling of feeling personally challenged when you see someone
      overcoming obstacles you didn't consider surmountable. Its often
      some sort of 12 stages of grief thing.

      If they're actually friends, they'll come around sooner or later. Its
      kind of funny to watch the shift from them talking about "can you
      believe what this crazy friend of mine is trying to do?" to "you
      should see what this crazy friend of mine does!" - a subtle
      difference, but I take it as the difference between ridicule and

      The fact that my crazy vegetarian car free friend occasionally borrows
      my fiancé's car does nothing to minimize how much he does to live his
      life the way he feels it should be lived. I'm super proud of him
      (and, sometimes, feel the strength ofmy own convictions to be a bit
      challenged by his existence, but that's long since shifted from being
      annoyed at him for it to pushing myself harder because of it).

      - phædrus
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