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5897RE: [rootsradicals] Re: Xtracycles for the Poor (was $107 to fill up a tank...)

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  • Tone
    Aug 3, 2008
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                  I am no fool. I let the Xtracycle do the lugging of my messenger bag, while I was a messenger and to this day when I am not. J

                  I usually kept my messenger bag in two doubled-up contractor-grade black garbage bags. This way if I just had a small package I could slip into a building and leave the baggage behind. A person does not get harassed by security as much if they do not look like a courier.    The garbage bags served two purposes. They disguised the messenger-bag contents as possibly looking like trash, and they kept my messenger bag completely dry. Of course my messenger bag is designed and produced to be inherently waterproof, but when I did have to go into a client’s office during a rain storm, my bag and the customer’s packages would appear and actually be completely dry. Some clients get uneasy about handing over their precious packages to a messenger, who’s messenger bag is leaving a puddle of dirty water on their nice dry clean office floor. That never happened with me. J



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