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5830Re: $107 to fill up a tank! Or how we can eat less and move more ...

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  • beth
    Jul 31, 2008
      > While you folks are brainstorming I have a couple questions:
      > 1) Do others here park their Xtra or BDummy inside there apartment?
      > 2) Can XtraCycle's ride the bus racks if the tire sidewall ripes?
      > These are typical problems I have and hope you folks can help.
      > Thank you. -Mark H.

      1. I do NOT park my X outside overnight. EVER. In this neighborhood it would be gone.
      2. I have tried three times to load my X onto the rack on a TriMet bus (in Portland, OR) and
      three times I was denied by the drivers. I removed my front wheel and did everything right
      and was flatly told that the X "exceeds the length limit for an allowable bike on the rack".
      I called TriMet's office and was told the same thing: no X's on the buses or the light rail
      trains. So when I ride the X somewhere, I have to commit to riding all the way there and all
      the home again. It's not entirely bad.
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