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5827Re: [rootsradicals] Re: new: $275 to fill up a tank

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  • MH
    Jul 31, 2008
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      > Freaking amazing - Now let's DRILL the CRAP out of ANWAR too! What's next???

      My neighbor was telling us down at the grocers that
      if Alaska where the size of a football field, Anwar
      would be the size of a postage stamp. Alaska's a
      mighty BIG state. After listening to the speech,
      Repower America by Gore, I thought this story interesting:

      A Model for Real Community Energy Self-Sufficiency
      The recent G8 Summit achieved one important result. It showed that too many
      of our leaders still think energy “security” can be achieved by calling for
      an increase in the rate of oil extraction at the expense of human and
      ecosystem health.
      They are looking for security in the wrong places. For a real lesson in
      energy security, and a glimpse of the healthy local economy of the future,
      they could start with a small town in Germany, just one of many in northern
      Europe that are charting a course toward true energy autonomy, based on
      renewable sources of energy....
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