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545Re: [rootsradicals] xtracycle on a road bike?

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  • Devian Gilbert
    Aug 30, 2006
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      Hi Hollie:

      now that i've had a moment to look into things more, i dont think the Xtra will work with your Sequoia, primarily due the the type of brakes on the Sequoia.  it uses the typical road bike style brake caliper vs the other types, cantilever, V-brake, and disc brake.
      I've skimmed thru the Xtracycle website, and i do not see any mention about compatibility with "road calipers"
      that is one of the differences in distiction between a "road bike" vs "touring bike".  touring bikes typically have Cantilever or V-brakes.

      the difference in Cantis, V-brakes vs calipers is that the caliper brakes mount thru a hole in the crown of the fork, and the bridge of the seatstay (rear brake).  Cantis and V-brakes use "brake bosses" that are brazed (welded) to the fork and frame of a bike.  disc brakes have "disc brake tabs" near the hub to accept a disc brake caliper.

      probably more info than you were looking for.
      on another note about the Sequoia, i'd be very cautious about using a carbon fork with a loaded Xtra.
      ummm....honestly if it were me....i wouldnt risk it.

      my thoughts on Xtras are that at heart they are utilitarian, and capable of some off road and touring.  the cost could stack up real quick.
      im partial to the Kona Sutra, REI Safari bike (lol!  i dont know why i want the quirky bike, i guess im partial to quirky) and the Big Buzz that they've typically offered i like too.  common theme?  disc brakes, strong fork!

      i hope this helped.
      maybe too much...

      On Aug 29, 2006, at 6:23 PM, hollie butler wrote:

      I haven't yet seen pictures of an xtracycle on a road bike - is that
      a possibility? I just bought a Specialized Sequioa, and I'd love to
      modify it if I could, but the guys in the bike shop said a mountain
      bike would be better.

      Your thoughts?


      - Hollie

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