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543Re: [rootsradicals] xtracycle on a road bike?

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  • James Francis DeVoge, III
    Aug 29, 2006
      Hello Hollie -

      I have a road bike (700c) x, and I built it up from the parts from my Specialized Allez, because the frame from the Allez did not fit the x - the chain stays are too short on the Allez.  I was so interested in having the x that my local bike shop suggested I buy a Surly frame that would fit (the Long Haul Trucker), and they took the Allez apart and built it up for me.  I love it!

      So, the 700c requires a chain stay length that compact road geometries sometimes don't have.  The length of the Xtracycle attachment from the rear dropouts to where the front end attaches (the bridge that clamps onto the bike frame) not too far from the bottom bracket is about 14 5/8".  My Allez (2004) was too short by about two inches.

      The new bike rides smoother than the Allez.  The Surly frame is steel, so I think that makes a difference compared to the stiff ride of the aluminum.  It also shifts much more smoothly and reliably than the Allez did, though I am not sure why. 

      Check the length from the center of your bottom bracket to the center of your rear dropouts on your Sequoia.  If it is 18 1/4" (which is what my Surly is), then I think it should fit.  I think my Allez was about 16 or so.

      If anyone else can add more advice, please do.

      Keep ridin'!

      hollie butler <cheesepuppet@...> wrote:
      I haven't yet seen pictures of an xtracycle on a road bike - is that
      a possibility? I just bought a Specialized Sequioa, and I'd love to
      modify it if I could, but the guys in the bike shop said a mountain
      bike would be better.

      Your thoughts?


      - Hollie

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