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5305Re: [rootsradicals] Change is a comin'

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  • Pete B
    Jul 5, 2008
      Interestingly, here in Oz, it's the Royal Automobile Club of Victoria (RACV) which offers bike breakdown assistance to members (as an additional service).

      "RACV Bike Assist* is designed to assist cyclists in the event that their bicycle cannot be ridden due to an accident, mechanical problem or puncture.  You have the peace of mind in knowing that if we cannot fix the problem we will dispatch a taxi to transport yourself and your bicycle to your chosen destination."

      Anne Littlebird wrote:

      I think Megan the AAA for bikes is a good idea. I was stumped with the
      motorcycle which is my long range vehicle. AAA in KY won't necessarily
      come for a motorcycle. And if they do you better have your own straps
      etc. Pointless.

      There is a company MTS that just does motorcycle emergencies. The same
      deal as AAA for cars but you know they have a clue about what they are
      doing. You could easily come up with the same type of thing for bikes.
      Even starting a local business for each city would work. OOOO!! Idea!
      The X would make a good hauler. I'm on it for here. It would work and
      work well. Hook up with a local mechanic or LBS for the bike stuff that
      occasionally occurs and everyone is happy.

      I have stopped on numerous occasions recently to help a cyclist. Usually
      they've blown a tire and weren't carrying patch kit or spare tube. I've
      had 3 people who had chains that had popped off. 2 didn't know what to
      do, the 3rd didn't and didn't want to get her hands dirty.

      Interestingly Detroit has had the law for registration of bikes since
      1964! It's only now that bikes are on the road in increasing numbers
      that they have chosen to enforce it. The police do say it will help with
      finding the bike after theft but I'm not sure what form the
      registration takes and if it is easily removed by someone stealing the

      Anne Littlebird

      Spidra Webster wrote:
      > That's why cyclists need an advocacy group as effective for cyclists
      > as the AAA is for drivers. I'm not against having to register my
      > bike, but if I register my bike, I want the kind of tracking when my
      > bike is stolen that auto owners get when their car is stolen. It cuts
      > both ways. You can have my registration money but I want the things
      > that auto drivers get out of it, including being able to deduct part
      > of the fee from my taxes (which you can do in the State of California
      > with auto registrations) . I don't mind having to have lights on my
      > bike, not biking with headphones, wearing a helmet or other things
      > that are just part of being a good citizen. But if I have the
      > responsibilities of riding my vehicle, I want the privileges that auto
      > drivers get. I want car drivers to have at least a couple questions
      > on their driver's exam that pertain to their responsibilities around
      > bikes (like looking before opening their car door while parked). And
      > I want legislators to listen to experienced urban cyclists before
      > making ridiculous laws about bikes that are geared more towards
      > placating vengeful car drivers than actual safety and practicality for
      > bike riders.
      > I live in an area where the most visible cyclists are scofflaws and it
      > has engendered a lot of ill will towards all cyclists. We all get put
      > in the same basket because the most visible cyclists are the
      > hotdoggers who brazenly blow through red lights, weave across lanes,
      > ride the wrong way on the street, etc. I think it's immensely
      > important for cyclists to show that they're responsible and
      > law-abiding. The road towards bike-friendly infrastructure is going
      > to be hard enough without giving bike enemies more ammo.
      > On a slightly different subject, I'd LOVE to see something like the
      > AAA emergency roadside service that would be geared towards cyclists.
      > The rising price of gasoline and the eventual outright scarcity of
      > petrol is going to bring a lot of new, unexperienced cyclists into the
      > fold. And certain parts of our country are devoid of good LBSes
      > thanks to Walmart putting them out of business. Having a membership
      > organization that will provide a support network for the flat tires,
      > bent rims, etc. that happen while commuting or touring would be a
      > positive boon.
      > Megan Lynch
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