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5303Re: [rootsradicals] Frame Saver

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  • Anne Littlebird
    Jul 5, 2008
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      I just bought some today at the LBS since I found some scary rust when I
      took the side rails off. Before I left the shop they let me pick through
      the old inner tubes and I brought home 2 different sizes to make 4 inch
      sleeves to cover that join after I use the Frame Saver. The inner tubes
      will help as well.

      I've had mine on since September and thought I was on top of the
      maintenance. Apparently not. Also the brine they use here in winter is
      really bad for the bike as well. I guess I didn't clean it as well as I

      We are normally sunny here too in the summer but we've had a lot of rain
      and the humidity today is awful! 74 degrees but I was drenched by the
      time I got home. Although a guy on a scooter that stooped next to me
      thought I had great calves. Wow! I sprinted home. :)

      Anne Littlebird

      Roger Munk wrote:
      > So, discussion of rust and freeradicals is making me twitchy. :) How
      > often should someone
      > living in sunny western Oregon be spraying frame saver in a Big Dummy?
      > Also, is there a
      > guide somewhere to where exactly I should be spraying it? It's parked
      > indoors at home, but
      > it's been known to sprinkle around here once in a while... :D
      > It was a big investment, I'd like to still be riding it 20 years from now!
      > -Rog.
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