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53what do roots do?

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  • kipchogenotkip
    Sep 20, 2005
      Hey everyone,

      I've been getting lots of requests to join this mailing list lately.
      The ironic thing about this very popular mailing list is that it never
      has any messages!

      I think we all joined because we share the idea that it would be cool
      to connect with other like-wheeled cyclists, whether in our same town
      or just on our same planet. And I'm sure we all have lots to talk about.

      Let's talk! I'm not sure what makes sense to talk about here and what
      makes sense to talk about in the xtracycle forums, but I'm sure it
      will all sort itself out after the discussions get going.

      I have a couple things to say and I'm sure you all have lots more.

      - Anyone have trouble or luck getting the Xtracycle onto public
      transportation lately? I've been hearing reports from Marin County
      that many bus drivers refuse to take it, saying it's too long. A
      supervisor said that CalTrans regulations prohibited bikes that long
      on the front of busses. Seems like we should do some prodding around
      here and help establish positive precedents in our own towns.

      - I, my band, and Xtracycle are being featured on a new MTV show. It's
      called The Reality Show, and it airs several times each week, with the
      premier of each episode on Tuesdays. I'm dreaming that our part in the
      show will help influence kids to think utilitarian bike riding is bomb.

      - We're working on a new Xtracycle/Ginger Ninjas (that's my
      band)/ross&kipchoge blog called "the pleasant revolution". Check it
      and participate www.gingerninjas.com/wordpress

      - Xtracycle just raised almost all of our prices. We want to give the
      roots radicals the opportunity to buy anything you want at the old
      prices until the end of this month (September 2005). Just call your
      order in and identify yourself as roots 888/537-1401.

      -we have some killer new stickers. stay tuned to the site in the
      coming days and we'll have them up. if you do call with a roots order,
      we'll throw in some new stickers of your choice.

      ride in bliss!