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5262Re: [rootsradicals] Re: Dummy news

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  • Anne Littlebird
    Jul 4, 2008
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      That would be great Bruce because as it stands right now I can't afford
      the Big Dummy setup. And this will not be the last increase in price.

      My MTB still has a lot of life in it so I won't change until I really
      need to. But I had started to save. Right now the BD is more than my
      motorcycle cost me.

      On a different note since it's a crummy day out I took the bike out and
      washed it down, took the freeloaders apart to wash and dry and I was
      really shocked at the amount of rust I'm seeing. I've had the X on since
      September and yes I've ridden in all weathers but still I obviously
      didn't prepare enough. I have some work to do.

      All new X owners beware that you really need to get anti rust lube down
      in those tubes. Do it first thing and stay on it. I thought I was
      prepared - guess not.

      Bruce Alan Wilson wrote:
      > My contacts at Xtracycle indicate that they are working with some
      > other bicycle companies besides Surly to produce
      > Xtracycle-accesory-compatable longtails. Ultimately they want to have
      > them in all price ranges.
      > Bruce Alan Wilson
      > "The bicycle is the most civilized conveyance known to man. Other
      > forms of transport grow daily more nightmarish. Only the bicycle
      > remains pure in heart."--Iris Murdoch
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